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FileMaker Pro 16 Mac/Win Retail Box V16

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FileMaker Pro is simply powerful software used to create custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. Easily build your own custom app to meet your unique business needs. Or for inspiration, explore the built-in Starter Solutions for managing contacts, inventory, projects, and more.


Share the same information with other FileMaker users on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

iOS ready

Build powerful iPad and iPhone apps that leverage the full capability of the FileMaker Platform.

Cloud hosting

Easily share information with your team in the cloud. Get the simplicity and performance of the FileMaker Platform without spending time and resources deploying and maintaining a server.

Built-in reporting tools

Create reports on the fly, make colorful charts, and easily build custom reports with a step-by-step assistant.

Easy integration

Exchange and interact with data from other applications. Connect to existing ODBC/JDBC and XML data. Create two-way connections with SQL data.

Data security

Centralize your information on FileMaker Server and safely access data using proven encryption standards. Manage individual user privileges—even for a specific field.


New Layout Objects window — View a hierarchical list of all objects on a layout. Select, hide, and name objects, as well as change the stacking order.

New Cards — Create windows that are automatically sized and placed appropriately on the main screen. Open other windows or files without having to first close the card.

New Copy and paste value lists — Use standard keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste value lists.

New Variables in FileMaker data source references — Dynamically open hosted FileMaker files by specifying a variable when choosing a file path.

New Enhanced cURL options — Easily exchange data with other web services and applications.

New JSON functions — Use predefined functions to simplify parsing and generating JSON data requested from other data sources.

New External script steps — Extend the capabilities of third-party plug-ins with support for external script steps.

New Clickable security lock icons — Click the lock icon to get more details about the security of your network.

New Field-level text encryption — Ability to encrypt text in a field.

Did You Notice?

You can share the same custom app together with other iPad, iPhone, desktop, and web users—all in real time.

Apple Recommends For

Creating custom apps to meet the needs of businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and departmental teams—even if you don't have extensive development experience or IT skills.

What’s in the Box

FileMaker Pro 16 (License key for installation, Internet access required; no disk)

Tech Specs

Internet Access: Internet Access Required

Media: Activation Code & Download Link

System Requirements

Operating System: OS X El Capitan or later, Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise, 8.1 Standard/Pro, 7 SP1 Professional/Ultimate

RAM: 2GB or more

Manufacturer Information


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